150 Years of Family & Fair Traditions

Superintendent:  John England (270) 772-3673
Saturday, August 26, 2017, 10:00 AM
Location:  Arena

Rules:  Robertson County Antique Tractor Association
Rules Apply - Not good for member points
Hook Fee - $15.00
Wheelie Bars Enforced

1. Antique Tractors 1900-1959, Open tractors 1900-1959.
2. Serial numbers must be intact and not tampered with.
3. Gas & Diesel.
4. Tractors must weigh within limits of each weight class (40lb tolerance).
5. Tractors are allowed (3) three hooks.  If tractor is pulled in a Powder Puff Class, it is allowed one (1) additional hook.  Tractors in Powder Puff must be “in the family” tractors.
6. Factory high RPM only 20% override allowed.  Tractors subject to RPM check.  All tractors to have positive throttle stops.
7. Tractors must retain stock engine and stock appearance.  Board of Directors will have final approval of all tractors.  Cut tires allowed.  16.9 tires allowed on 18” max. width.  18.4 tires allowed in the 6500 lb class and up.  Horizontal ring hitch 20” high.  No balls allowed 18” from center of axle to sled hitch.  Hook needs to fit freely in hook point.  No part of drawbar may extend rearward beyond point of hook.  Draw bar must be stationary in all directions!  18.4 tiers allowed in all Outlaw and Open classes.
8. Add on weights allowed.  They must not extend more than 11” from the center of the rear axle of the tractor to the furthest point forward and must not extend rearward beyond rear tires.  Weights or objects to fall on track while tractor is hooked to sled will result in tractor being disqualified.  Pull ends when any tire or part of sled touches boundary line.
9. Pullers under 18 requires track official and parent or guardian approval.  Anyone under 13 years of age has to have walk beside kill switch in any class they are pulling in.
10. All antiques pull in 1st gear not to exceed 3.5 mph and must start with tight chain.  Driver must stay in seat of tractor, no bounding and hands must be on the steering wheel, hand clutch, hand brakes, or throttle at all times during the pull.  Kill switches required in Open and Outlaw Classes.
11. Each puller has two (2) attempts to pass the 40 foot mark.  Pull is official after 40 foot mark is passed. Pull is over when forward motion of sleds is stopped or red flag is dropped.
12. Front tires may not leave ground more than 18” during pull.  If you don’t have Wheelie bars, YOU DO NOT PULL!  Wheeliebars are required on all tractors.  They must be installed 10” above ground level.  They must have a 5x5” skid pad and must extend 5” past the furthest point of rear tires.
13. No one on track except pullers and officials during pull.  One (1) adult is allowed on track with child or inexperienced driver.
14. No differentials or drive line alterations.
15. A protest must be filed within weight class before next class begins.  Any tractor found illegal by the official’s decision will be disqualified.  Protestor’s tractor will be checked first.
16. Anyone can be disqualified for non sportsmanlike conduct, intoxication or failing to stop when red flagged by an official.  Anyone operating a tractor in an unsafe manner on or off the track will be disqualified.
17. Regular Classes - (1st gear) 3.5 mpg: 20% RPM
      Open Classes - 6.0 mph: 20% RPM
      Outlaw Classes - Any gear, any RPM
18. For safety purposes, ALL outlaw tractors must have a steel or aluminum side shield in a minimum thickness of .060”.  ALL Outlaw Tractors must have an Approved Scatterblanket or ScatterShield made of 1/4 inch steel, be 6” in width secured by 3-3/8 inch grade,  8 bolts per side.  It needs to secure 360 degrees around bell housing, centered over flywheel & clutch.  Inspection of your tractor will be performed by tech officials before weigh in of class.


Must have factory block, factory heads, factory cranks, factory ignition system, factory carb. and fuel system, factory rpm’s, fuel 93 octane max fuel.  Must have Wheelie bars, must have stock drawbar (max. 18” height, length 18” or longer) with twisted clevis.  Front weight bracket - can be a max. of 5” wide and a max of 1/2” thickness and must not extend more than 10” from the center of the rear axle to the furthest point forward.  Weights can not be installed further than front tires.  Must run stock wheel - (pressed steel if they were available from the factory for that model)


  • Classes 4,000 - 4,500 Tire size 13.6 max.
  • Classes 5,000 - 5,500 Tire size 14.9 max.
  • Classes 6,000 - 6,500 Tire size 15.5 max.



  • Class I 4500 - Farm Stock
  • Class II 5500, 6000 - Farm Stock
  • Class III 6500 - Farm Stock
  • Class IV 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500 - Super Farm
  • Class V 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500 - Regular
  • Class VI 4250, 5250, 5750, 6250 - Open
  • Class VII 4350, 4500, 5000 - Outlaw
  • Class VIII 5430 - King of Hill - $100 First Place

1st Gear 4 MPH