150 Years of Family & Fair Traditions


  2. The Fairgrounds will be open to the public on Monday, August 21st, and close Saturday, August 26, 2017.
  3. No disorderly conduct of any kind will be permitted. A police force sufficient to preserve order and enforce the rules will be on the grounds at all times.
  4. Persons trespassing on the grounds, climbing over the fence, or otherwise fraudulently gaining admission will be arrested and prosecuted.
  5. Entries in all departments in the building, unless otherwise stated, must be made between the hours of 2 and 5 P.M., Sunday, August 20th.  All exhibits must be in place no later than 5 P.M., Sunday, August 20th except as stated elsewhere in the catalog.
  6. All exhibits (except livestock) must remain in place until Sunday afternoon August 27th   Exhibits MUST be removed between the hours of 2:00-4:00 SUNDAY.
  7. Management will not be responsible for exhibits after 4 P.M. on August 27th.
  8. The management will use every precaution to prevent any accident or loss to persons, animals, or exhibits, but will not be responsible for any accidental loss or damage.
  9. Department coordinators will have the authority to refuse entry to any exhibit which is not a credit to the Robertson County Fair.
  10. Junior exhibitor is any member of Robertson County 4-H Club, FCCLA, or FFA Chapters.
  11. All farm and garden products must be grown and exhibited by residents of Robertson County.
  12. Competition open only to Robertson County in all departments except open Dairy and Beef Cattle which are open to the world.
  13. Premiums will be paid only on lots listed in the catalog.
  14. No premiums will be awarded where the exhibit is considered unworthy by the judges.
  15. No limit as to number of entries in each lot except where specified. No more than one premium will be paid to exhibitors with more than one entry per lot, except livestock.
  16. Premiums will be paid as announced.
  17. All awards and prize money must be claimed within thirty days from last day of fair.
  18. All premium checks are to be cashed within 60 days.
  19. In all cases, the decision of the judges shall be final.
  20. All protests must be filed with the secretary of the fair before noon Sunday, August 27th and such protests must be made in writing.
  21. Management reserves the right to make and enforce any other rules which it may deem necessary for the best management of the fair.
  22. No selling, soliciting or advertising will be allowed without the consent of the Fair Association.
  23. Entering into the fairgrounds constitutes expressed consent for your photo to be used in future print and electronic media for marketing purposes.