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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Check-in Times 12:00-2:00 PM
Show Time: 3:00 PM
Coordinator: Jennifer Lee (615) 604-5299


Show Rules and Regulations:
1. Current Health Papers for all animals entered in the show (within 90 days for Tennessee residents and 30 days for animals outside the state.)  These are easy to obtain, just check with any veterinarian.
2. All goats must have scrapie tags prior to show, exhibitors can contact the USDA office at (615) 781-5310 to order       their tags unless you have a registered paper Goat which must have the correct tattoo according to the paperwork.
3. Animals are not to be unloaded until health certificates are checked.
4.  Any breed or cross breed of goat can show.  This is not a sanctioned show.
5. There will be 5 divisions:  Replacement Doe Kids (females that have only baby teeth), Market Kids, (Doe Kids) wether kids (castrated maled that have only baby teeth) and yearling does (females that have no more than 2       sets of big teeth).  Buck kids by weight, bucks one and up by age.  A champion will be selected in each division.
6. Wether kids must NOT exhibit any testicular tissue. Animals having this will be dismissed.
7. Wether kids and doe kids must have all milk teeth at weigh in. Wethers not having them will be dismissed and does without all milk teeth will be moved to yearling doe division.
8. Yearling does are allowed to have no more than two (2) sets of adult teeth (4 large teeth) to be eligible to compete in the championship class.
9. All goats must be polled or have their horns tipped or cushioned with a material to help prevent injury to the exhibitor.
10. Each exhibitor is limited to five (5) animals for the show. Exhibitor may show three (3) bucks in addition.
11. Goats will be weighed-in and classes will be divided by weight.  30 lb. minimum.
12. Weigh-in starts at 12 P.M. on Saturday, August 27th.
13. Bedding provided (no straw allowed).
14. There is an entry fee of $1.00 per goat on day of show.
15. Show management reserves the right to disqualify any animal that exhibits any sign of disease regardless.
16. Robertson County Fair Association is not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

Special Note: Federal Law requires that all goats that are exhibited in shows must meet USDA Regulation and have a Scrape ID in the ear permanently attached or other approved ID. Exhibitors may contact the UDA office at (615) 781-5310 to order their tags. Animals without proper scrape tag or certificate of veterinary inspection will not be allowed to exhibit.

Prizes for Lots 1-10, 13-17, 20-25, 28-33, 36-39
1st-$15 2nd-$12 3rd -$10 4th-$8, 5th-$6
Rosettes:  Lots 15, 16, 27, 28, 29, 39, 40, 47, 48, 53, 54

Lot 1       Pee Wee (1st - 3rd grade as of January 1 this year)
Lot 2       Beginner ( 4th - 6th grade as of January 1 this year)
Lot 3       Intermediate (7th - 9th grade as of January 1 this year)
Lot 4       Senior (10th - 12th grade as of January 1 this year)

Market Kid Goat Classes (Does and Wethers) Doe shown in this class cannot be shown in replacement class. 
Lot 5       Feather Weight
Lot 6       Ultra Light Weight
Lot 7       Light Weight
Lot 8       Mid Light Weight
Lot 9       Light Medium Weight
Lot 10     Mid Medium Weight
Lot 11     Medium Weight
Lot 12     Heavy
Lot 13     Mid Heavy
Lot 14     Extra Heavy
Lot 15     Champion Market Kid
Lot 16     Reserve Champion Market Kid

Replacement Doe Kids
Lot 17     Feather Weight
Lot 18     Ultra Light Weight
Lot 19     Light Weight
Lot 20     Mid Light Weight
Lot 21     Light Medium Weight
Lot 22     Mid Medium Weight
Lot 23     Medium Weight
Lot 24     Heavy
Lot 25     Mid Heavy
Lot 26     Extra Heavy
Lot 27     Champion Market Kid
Lot 28     Reserve Champion Market Kid

Yearling Doe Class
Lot 29     Feather Weight
Lot 30     Ultra Light Weight
Lot 31     Light Weight
Lot 32     Mid Light Weight
Lot 33     Light Medium Weight
Lot 34     Mid Medium Weight
Lot 35     Medium Weight
Lot 36     Heavy
Lot 37     Mid Heavy
Lot 38     Extra Heavy
Lot 39     Champion Market Kid
Lot 40     Reserve Champion Market Kid

Buck Kids By Weight
Lot 41     Ultra Light
Lot 42     Light
Lot 43     Light Medium
Lot 44     Medium
Lot 45     Heavy
Lot 46     Extra Heavy
Lot 47     Champion Replacement Kid
Lot 48     Reserve Champion Replacement Kid

Bucks 1 year and up. Classed by teeth or papers if available.
Lot 49     1-2 year Two Adult Teeth
Lot 50     2-3 year Four Adult Teeth
Lot 51     3-4 year Six Adult Teeth
Lot 52     4 year and up Eight Adult Teeth
Lot 53     Champion Buck
Lot 54     Reserve Champion Buck

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