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Robertson County Fair Association

From the 1948 Fair Program Guide

From the 1946 Fair Program Guide

In order to continue the fair, THE ROBERTSON COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION was organized on September 1, 1938.  The fair was held at the Crescent Amusement Company building on Willow Street, the Tabernacle and the livestock barns of G. S. Moore and Son.  The Fireside Serenaders opened the fair on October 15th. Friday was a half-day holiday for schools with a talent contest for students.

The Robertson County Agricultural and Mechanical Asociation was organized in 1868 with C. C. Bell as President.  The association bought ten acres of land in South Town, lying on the west side of South Main Street, then known as the Old Nashville Dirt Road, and erected theron the necessary buildings and track to hold a county fair.  Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Avenues, West, run through the sections in which the association was located.  In 1872 the officers and directors of the association were:  J. A. Bell, President; B. M. Cheatham and I. G. C. Mason, Vice Presidents, E. A. Hicks, Secretary, J. G. Woodard, Treasurer; J. M. Binkley, C. J. Davis, B. B. Batts, T. E. Morris, J. B. Holman, J. L. Yates, Dr. J. T. W. Taylor, Josiah Farmer, R. T. Farthing, Jo Brakefield, G. B. Randolph and Dr. L. B. Walton, Directors.  The association ran for years and its annual meetings were largely attended.  It would up its affairs because of dissension among its stockholders.  One of the streets running north and south through the section formerly occupied by the Robertson County Agricultural and Mechanical Association is named Leota, in honor of the wife of Mr. James I. Holman, he having bought the property when the association disbanded.