150 Years of Family & Fair Traditions

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Location:  Arena

Registration Open: 4:00 PM (Online pre-registration also open at www.racetnseries.com)
Registration Close: 5:45 PM
Practice: 6:00-6:45 PM
Opening Ceremonies and Racing: 7:00 PM

Class Registration Fees:

  • General Classes    $10.00
  • Pro-Am                  $20.00
  • Pro Class               $30.00

Everyone will pay a mandatory $2.00 fee per round. This is for membership cost and a scoring transponder.

Class Payback:

  • 1st (50%)
  • 2nd (30%)
  • 3rd (20%)

Every class pays back 100% of entry fees, split between the Top 3 places

Race Classes:

  • Electric Cars (Power-Wheels)(Free entry)
  • 50cc Shaft MC
  • 50cc Stock ATV
  • 50cc MC Open
  • 50cc ATV Open
  • 450cc ATV
  • 90cc ATV Pro-Mod
  • Pro-AM ATV
  • 90cc ATV Stock
  • 65cc MC
  • 60cc ATV
  • Youth MC
  • 200cc ATV
  • Beginner MC
  • 85cc MC
  • Collegeboy ATV
  • Supermini MC
  • Veteran ATV
  • 300cc ATV
  • Vet MC
  • 400cc ATV Open
  • Stock Pit-Bike
  • Powderpuff ATV
  • 400cc AM ATV
  • Mad Dog Pit-Bike
  • Beginner ATV
  • Pro ATV
  • Amateur Knobby ATV
  • All Star Knobby ATV
  • Pro-AM MC
  • 250cc MC
  • 450cc MC
  • Pro MC

General Rules:

By entering any RaceTN event a rider agrees to all rules, procedures, and guidelines as outlined below. Entering ANY event establishes a person as a member of the RaceTN Series. Failure to comply with and follow rules outlined below may result in termination of a rider’s membership prohibiting competition in any events.

  • Anyone in competition must wear an approved helmet and protective gear.
  • You must be 18 years or older to compete or have a parent or legal guardian present.
  • All machines must have easily visible numbers.
  • All ATV’s must have a functioning tether-style kill switch.
  • All ATV's racing the knobby classes must have all 4 knobby tires.
  • All ATV’s must be 51” in width or less.
  • All Motorcycles and ATV’s will be subjected to a tech inspection before their practice session.

We do not issue refunds of any fashion, no exceptions!  For a full list of series rules and regulations visit our website at: http://racetnseries.com/rules/ or contact us at chad@racetnseries.com.